Friday, March 27, 2009

Leonard model complete!

He went quicker than the Wesley model which makes me excited be to able to jump on the next character this weekend!
Watch this space!



Brad said...

Hey Colus this is a wicked character man... but i reckon you should add a little more detail to the under side of the hat. I like the shirt and braces but the hat looks incomplete in contrast. Anyhow just my tcw. This is all very inspiring man! Keep it up!

colus havenga said...


Thanks for giving me your 2 cents, I encourage you to keep giving me those until I have all your money :) hehe,I agree with you. This character will be in shot for a few seconds only so I have to keep myself from spending too much time on him, however the visual style im planning for the project should solve this issue. If the texturing doesnt cover it ill go back and put some detail in the model.

Hope youre well man,

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