Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet Wesley

Meet Wesley. A normal everyday man, with a good heart. Wesley is from more European origin. I tried to stay away from the western looking generic characters hence the bushy brow and quite a boastful nose :) Im generally happy with this design. I do not have the luxury of spending ample time on the character design stage so I have to move on.. However I will be making some minor feature changes to hes face and proportions of hes body. He will be doing a whole lot of physical acting in the film so he has to be able to hold up to that. Its Friday night and getting ready for a full day of working on this at my favourite coffee shop - the living room here in san diego. stay tuned.



Gareth said...

really like the design of this guy...rad!

Brad Stilwell said...

haha cool character colus! go for it mate. And listen theres nothing wrong with a boastful nose. I'm told it's sign of character :-)

colus havenga said...

haha! indeed :)

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