Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet Leonard

No exciting UV updates from Wesley you ask? well no, not yet. Ive decided to keep the UV editing stage for when Ive got all my characters modeled and ready. Besides, I'm keen to get started with new models so why not.. moving forward we must and we shall! This is Leonard, the flower vendor..he only has a very small role in this film but his talent will be needed to tell the story.. or at least help give the illusion that the setting is inhabited by other people. Because he is a background character I will use as many shortcuts as I can on him...so I will see what I can borrow from the Wesley model. Well, let me stop rambling and get started!



Christine Meintjes said...

I really like Leonardo! Can't wait to see more! All the best with the drawing!

colus havenga said...

Thanks Christine! im enjoying working on him..hes got some intresting shapes going on :) ..making progress

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