Monday, March 23, 2009

Wesley's modeling stage is complete!!

What a busy few weeks..A lot of fine tuning but I'm more than happy with the result. It took longer than I expected to get to this point so I need to carry over all the shortcuts that I learned while making Wesley on the rest of the characters...Yes, there are still a few characters to be made...EEK! :) This is not what his textures or colour choices look like, I quickly slapped together a few lights and shaded him to be nicer to the eye. I'm keeping the shape simple and letting the texturing make out most of the detail like creases on his clothes etc.

Now what's left on Wesley is to layout the UV's to be able to texture him properly and then of course to rig him so that he can move and pull faces! I'm looking into a few tools to make the UV editing a faster endeavour,,

Stay tuned,


Alex said...

Whoa this looks awesome, and really difficult. Wesley is adorable. I want him to be my boyfriend. Really gret job, Colus.

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