Wednesday, March 4, 2009

love struck begins!

This blog will follow along the creation and completion of an animated short. The working title, for a lack of a better name will be 'love struck'. I like it and maybe it will end up being the final title for the film, well see when we reach that point :) This is a solo project that I will be doing in my personal hours after work, weekends etc. I will have to get someone for music and foley but the rest will be up to me. I aim to create a film that will not only show off my animation skills (or lack thereof ;) but can compete on the world stage as a short film. I realize that I have a big undertaking on my hands but I will treat it as thing at a time. I specialize in character animation and rigging, so facets like set design and art style will be somewhat more of a challenge than the rest. I do have a good artistic grasp and understanding but getting what i see in my head to translate successfully in the finished project will be another thing.

I invite you to come along with me on this long road soon to be filled with blood, sweat and tears..but finish I will and anything less than perfect is not good enough.



Dan said...

awesomeness!!alle sterkte en ek weet jy kan 'n groot sukses van dit maak!cool man, hou my up to date met die project!


colus havenga said...

dankie man, kom maak maar n draai elke nou en dan en kyk hoe dit afloop

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