Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm a few key's away from having the whole first act blocked out. It totals to about a minute of animation.

Up until now Ive been animating in a hybrid method between 'straight ahead' and 'pose to pose'. I would block the whole scene and then go back and move the keys around of the different limbs etc to create the necessary overlap and follow through. But for this project I'm approaching the animation in a more devolved way as it will. I'm trying to key my poses to a more traditional style of animation. 2D animation requires that all follow through and overlap animation be drawn into the key and breakdown poses. They don't have the luxury to go back and move keys around to create overlap...and why should you? It only creates a mess of keys on your timeline while if you keep it simple will get you the same or better results.

So on lovestruck Ive animated with all this in mind.. I will probably still have to move keys around a bit but the more I do it the easier it would become to think in that way. going back to the roots is what its all about.

Here are a few screen grabs to see the characters out of their T poses..and looking a bit more alive.



Jonathan said...

Ek kan nie wag om die finale animation te sien nie. Die progress lyk vrek cool en well done met dit wat jy sover het.

colus havenga said...

Thanks Jonathan! slowly slowly...but moving forward :)


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