Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick update

I haven't posted anything for a while so I thought Ill quickly update you on how its going. I went through all the character models and revised the geometry again so that all the limbs can bend properly with joints skinned to them. The characters' arms were modeled so that palms faced forward. I changed that so that the palms face downward, it just feels more natural and less straining on the muscles.

So, the wheels are still turning, slowly but surely. I'm currently busy UV unwrapping all the characters and getting them ready for texturing. I'm beyond the halfway mark on all of them so almost there. Its not too exciting so I'm just going to plough through them and get them done instead of posting every single UV edit I make.

I must say that after doing hours upon hours of UV editing its starts to turn in to a pleasurable experience. I was dreading it but you find your method of working and you just do it. It feels very rewarding. I guess it the equivalent of painting weights which I love doing just because I'm used to doing a lot of rigging and skinning over the years.


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