Thursday, May 14, 2009

big update

The modeling of all the characters are done! Man, its taken a while but it was fun seeing that I usually don't model the characters I animate on. The more I modeled the characters, the more I found the visual style coming through and 'mature' so by the end I could take that back to the first guys and revise them. The biggest change was on Wesley's face. He lacked in appeal for a main character especially in the nose area. It was just too dopey in my opinion.

as for the new characters: this is Rebecca, the love interest:

Lastly we have a background character that will just be reading a newspaper, so ill be calling him Mr. Hamilton. As you can see, hes a slight deviation from the Wesley model:

So...whats next? Im going to skin a basic rig to the models to test if they can do what the are supposed to like arm bends and proper leg deformation when its rotated. If I find the model lacks information in those specific areas, ill update them until im happy..then comes my dreaded UV editing stage. The plan is to have the characters at least modeled, rigged and UV'd before I move on to the set and the million other things. That way I can do their textures as im doing the props and set pieces so that they can all tie into the same visual style.



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