Saturday, April 18, 2009

Huggems the bear complete!

I almost lost my bearings :) hehe, Hes done and im happy! He took a bit longer to complete because, like I mentioned earlier.. I was busy moving to a new place and I still have to find another decent coffee shop to go to because the one that I normally work at is now too far away to go to everyday.. very sad but hopefully ill discover some great new places.

So what i did to make him was to take Leonards body up to the neck and cleaned all the clothing lines up...

I took Leonards mouth and Wesley's brow and eyes and just tweaked the hell out of them...

then on top of all that added all the traits and refined until i got this :).

Tomorrow ill be uploading the concept for the next watch this space!

All the best,


Jennifer said...

Huggems has man boobs!

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